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I deactivated my Facebook account today. I wish I’d been brave enough to delete it, but there are too many relationships there that do have meaning for me so I just couldn’t do it. But I had to unplug myself from the madness. I need to disconnect my mind from the collective conscious [sic]. Other […]


When my husband told me that a trailer with a piece of plywood for a front door had moved in next to us, I laughed. Then I came home and found this: Hmmmmmm. I promise you that when I think about how my life is working, it totally makes sense. It’s only when I open […]


Have your dreams been crushed? Are you sitting there reading this devastated by failure or betrayal and wondering if you’ll ever feel like yourself again? You are not alone. But I can promise you that you too can recover from failure. Having an apartment in San Francisco closer to my job means that my husband […]


The day after I published my last post I received a fiery dart disguised as a question via Facebook private messenger from another blogger who ironically markets herself as a “Christian Humor Writer.” This funny lady asked, “How can you say [the child I aborted] mattered when you killed her?” I presume this comedian’s question […]


Click bait. I’m shamelessly admitting that the title, I Do Not Regret My Abortion, is click bait. I’d have much rather entitled this piece, “The Story of Amber Danielle” but nobody would read that. And I want people to read this. I want people to know about Amber and what her short life meant, and […]


In the past few months I’ve been asked if I’m still a believer, and even more importantly: Why? When I’m asked if I’m still a Christian I must admit I feel a little stab of pain. Does my life in fact so poorly reflect my faith? And I guess I must be honest and admit […]


That Fire Sale on my life I promised back in November of 2012 is nearly over. By this time next week, all of my earthly possessions will either have been sold off at garage sale, placed in a metal container at a self-storage unit, donated to the local humane society, or thrown into the trash. Downsizing is Not […]


Every month, I pay WP Engine® $50 to host this blog on a dedicated server. I also pay Bluehost money for some reason they’ve tried to explain to me over and over again but I still can’t figure out. Personally, I think it’s a racket. All I know is that last year when I stopped […]


This time next year we hope to break ground on our new house. A couple of days ago I stopped by our land before heading back to The City for this video to help remind me why I’m working so hard. Sometimes I watch this little minute of heaven while on my break at work […]

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Warning: There be Spoilers here, and as a long-time reader of the Outlander book series I’m also going to engage in some cross-comparison between the book and this episode. Outlander Season Finale. Finally, Everything Wentworth Prison. I just finished watching the Starz Season Finale of Outlander, To Ransom a Man’s Soul, because my dearest husband in the […]