Julien Doré Bichon- Kiss Me Forever

As you read this, I’m winding my way to San Diego to celebrate my son’s 21st birthday. 21. Kinda miraculous. I don’t know how he’s aging when I’m not. Like I said. Kinda miraculous.

Today’s post is especially dedicated to my bichon-loving friends (and I know you’re out there) because it certainly isn’t for any music lovers.

When we were in Paris we happened to see this music video while sitting in a little out-of-the-way creperie over in the 6th. Ooh la la. Apparently the French Government has a law that during the hours of  8am and 8pm, French music stations must play a minimum of 70% local music. And it’s laws like that that make French pop-star dreams come true.  I gave my son the very sage advice that he should go to France and become a French pop-star. I KNOW he could do at least this good of a job. And heck, I already have a bichon he can use.


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  1. YES! My French teacher showed this video to us during class three years ago. I became obsessed. The video is so strange because I can’t figure out if Julien is trying to be either really weird or really hilarious. It makes me laugh though; it’s just too goofy! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Well you certainly know how to bring life in my house to a standstill. I even googled him because I thought it must be a skit.

    Apparently not.

    I wonder who decided that shorts for the backing singers was an appropriate choice of clothing whenthe air was so cold you could see his breath as he sung?

    I quite liked the turquoise upholstery in the car though.

    • I have no idea how artistic decisions like that get made in pre-production. There are many parodies of this song on youtube, but how can you parody a song that is a parody of itself, one is led to ask oneself.

  3. Ewwww!
    Your son, having only met him once, is much cuter than those guys.

    Even the videos that you post make me laugh! Had to GOL (remember, giggle out loud) when the back-up singers started dancing.

    Hey, I forgot to tell you that I googled “chloe of the mountain” when you switched sites and I couldn’t find you. Guess what I found?? A youtube video of a bichon named chloe. I couldn’t believe it! You’ll have to check it out.

    Have fun in S.D.!

    • Yes, there is a famous bichon named Chloe. I’ve requested the bitch on Facebook, but she refuses to accept my request.

      It takes some time for google to find me again when you change domain names. Hopefully I’ll be propagated soon. (That’s a computer term that they tell me means something important.)

  4. The animals seemed to have the same look of astonishment that I did. And the background dancers(?) were pale enough to be related to me. Is the song about the bichon? Because I didn’t think they normally wore lipstick.

    Oh, and happy birthday to Wolfie.