The Doo

As you read this, I’m winding my way to San Diego to celebrate my son’s 21st birthday. 21. Kinda miraculous. I don’t know how he’s aging when I’m not. Like I said. Kinda miraculous. Today’s post is especially dedicated to my bichon-loving friends (and I know you’re out there) because it certainly isn’t for any […]


If Only It Were This Easy


Sweet little Jean-Luc is healing remarkably well.  All the various puncture marks are healed over and all that is left are the two large slash and tear wounds on the top of his neck. Poor little guy is very itchy, so I have to keep a little baby t-shirt over his neck to keep him from […]


Survive that is.  This cuddly little fellow might look mostly like fluff, but he’s clearly got the heart of a lion. Georgia is home after staying for a week with my daughter and son-in-law so Jean-Luc could recover in peace and quiet.  Jean-Luc met her at the door with a hundred mile an hour tail […]


Jean-Luc, the Bichon Who Lived Jean-Luc, my little Doo, had a follow-up appointment with the vet today to get his drains out.  Above is the picture I just took of him standing under our lilacs on our back deck this afternoon.  Though a little mussed, doesn’t he look so cute? I wanted to take some […]


Thanks again everyone for your continued support as Jean-Luc, my little bichon, recovers from the attack. “Yeah, I’m having a bad hair day.  Something tried to eat me.” Today was a better day.  He had another very quiet night in his soft crate by my bed.  He was very inactive all morning but towards his […]


I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for their kind words, thoughts, prayers, anti-coyote voodoo spells, and/or whatever part, large or small, you’ve played in helping us through our little doggy’s tragic encounter with the Wild Kingdom.  Gosh dern it but I love this little dog. It was another long day […]


My friend Susan and I have been talking recently about how life can turn on a dime.  While her husband’s sudden and unexpected heart attack at age 56 is significantly a more significant example than mine, just the same, she’s right: Life can turn on a dime. We live our lives like we know what’s going to happen next when […]