Everything I Know About Blogging

Here are all the posts I’ve written about blogging since I started Chloe of the Mountain in 2008. In these six years, I’ve written about everything from what to wear to BlogHer to how to save your marriage when your blog takes over your life.

The most important thing I’ve learned about blogging is that you need to live your life first, and then blog about it second, because there is nothing more boring than a blogger who does nothing except write about blogging (unless that’s the blogger who only writes sponsored posts…blech!)

As for blogging for money, I am convinced that it is nearly impossible to make a real living at it–as in having enough money for retirement–and that most people would make more money per hour working as a Walmart Greeter than giving their lives over the the social media gods.

From my serious investigation into the world of professional blogging, I have come to see it as akin to Amway. Unless you have serious money to invest upfront so you can attend conferences, pay for web design and good hosting, and you have all the time in the world to run around reading and commenting on other blogs, sharing and tweeting endlessly, and engaging yourself in social media nearly 24/7, your efforts at making a living will likely be doomed.

Despite what anyone tells you I believe that very few people are actually making a living from blogging. Most of the women I know who say they are making money at it are actually be underwritten by understanding husbands who don’t seem to mind if their wives spend all of their time online or off at conferences. I’m afraid I’m not married to that man.

I am more than willing to be dissuaded from this point of view by the first person who is willing to show me their untouched tax return.

But despite my skepticism about professional blogging, I think it can be tons of fun (if you don’t take it too seriously. Your blog can be a terrific platform for lots of other goals a woman in midlife might have. Just go into it with open eyes and a flexible agenda. And have fun. Because it sure ain’t worth it if you aren’t having fun doing it.

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Writer’s Note: I wrote this post during a phase of my life where I was thinking about killing off Chloe of the Mountain and rebranding myself completely as the CEO of Generation Fabulous. I’ve left the first part of the post intact, and I’ll cue you in on the part where Generation Fabulous went to […]

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