The Unabridged Story of My Life

What is it like to grow up a Mormon in a dysfunctional family?

I know it seems a bit silly now, some 40 years after the fact, but once upon a time I had a mad crush on you, and I’ve decided that it is high time I tell you. Why now, you ask? Why have I kept this secret, lo, these past 40 years, that, alone in […]


I’ve spent the last three days doing nothing else but working my ass off as a travel nurse for a company that treats its nurses like shit, and reading Julie Deneen’s book, wanted: a memoir. The work situation has been a bit disheartening considering it’s Nurses’ Week. Sure they gave us cheap, nylon backpacks with […]


When last we left off, our intrepid little damsel-just-barely-out-of-distress was standing on the balcony of her quaint bedroom at Turning Point Women’s Recovery Home watching the 99 red balloons float away. Her nightmare was over, and the future was so damned bright she had to wear shades. She’d escaped with her life, all of her […]


I wanted to make this a humor piece, but I just couldn’t figure out how to make domestic violence, drug addiction, and abortion funny. But I want you to know that I’ve told this story as a public speaker many times and people do laugh. So even though it sounds sad in the telling here, […]


Fatty McButter-Pants This week we have been babysitting our daughter’s Labrador, Fatty McButter-Pants. Fatty, who is now too old and feeble to live up to her name and steal butter off the countertop anymore, is normally no trouble whatsoever. As long as she has her stick and her pillow, she’s quite content. But last night she […]


I’ve been thinking hard about ways that I could make this story funnier somehow. If only I wasn’t writing it in stark-raving terror that my father might show up at my door any minute and shoot me, I probably could figure out a way to make it funnier.And as if the terror weren’t an obstacle […]


I unexpectedly suffered a rather painful anxiety attack over yesterday’s post. Thinking about my father never feels good. Somehow, no matter how much therapy I get or how self-actualized I am, I guess I’ll always be the five year old peaking through the crack of my bedroom door into his consuming rage. I suppose my […]


I’ve been sick with the flu for the past three days. I had some Tamiflu left from when my son had H1N1 two years ago; I took that and I do feel much, much better. I have to work so today’s post is short and full of pictures.I hope that yesterday’s rant about the uncivil behavior of […]