Mental Health and Aging Well

As several of you pointed out on my last post, if your choice really was between being bald forever, or having a beard you could never shave off, bald would seem the no-brainer. Bald can be hidden under a wig, or maybe a jaunty scarf. Beard is tougher for a woman to pull off. Unless you’re […]


This year has been unprecedented in its level of crazy. I’ve had both the worst day of my life and the best sex I’ve ever experienced. And that was just January. I’ve had major surgery, minor surgery, and traveled across the country to a blogging convention where I had a nervous breakdown. That was February. […]


No. I’m not fine. There is nothing currently fine about me. I’m bugshit crazy beyond any bugshit crazy I’ve ever been in my life–and that’s saying something. In the words of that Great Philosopher, Mick Jagger, (who I find myself quoting a lot lately, which just shows how bad my mental health really is), “Here […]


The Bible says that one of the first things God did after He created the world was separate light from darkness. I realize that yesterday’s post was cryptic and leaves a lot to my readers’ imaginations. And that’s how it will just have to stay because bloggers must have boundaries lest they become crazy attention-seeking […]


It is the weekend before Christmas and I have no time to write today,  just as you have no time to read anything I have to say. I haven’t written anything for four days because I don’t have anything uplifting to say. And it is YOUR Christmas, too, after all. So please be warned. Abandon […]


On Thanksgiving last year my mother was dying. We didn’t know it, but as we sat there scarfing down turkey and gravy she had exactly 29 days left to live. It was a terrible time. I’m thinking about her a lot these days as we approach the first anniversary of her death. She loved Thanksgiving […]


This story starts out very, very sad. The day my son ran away to San Francisco found me sobbing on my bathroom floor. Anyone who has suffered from depression knows that the commercial is right: Depression Hurts. It hurts you, it hurts the people you love. It hurts a lot. Here I was. I did not […]


I can pinpoint the exact moment I turned the corner.  I wrote about it on April 25, 2009, right here. Funny thing is that April 25th is my anniversary and I didn’t mention that in the post at all.  I feel terrible about that now. Really terrible. (I’m so sorry, honey.)  Truth is, I’m not […]


Today is a rainy, dreary day and I’m afraid that the weather perfectly mirrors my mood.  I’m on call at work sitting around with nothing to do, finding myself still sleepy from the time change, and pondering where shall my life shall go from here.  Idle, tired, and ruminating on a dark and dreary day is always an omnious combination […]


My mom is dying. She was suddenly diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Colon Cancer in September and it has been a steady downward slide toward death ever since. I don’t know how much longer she has. Days. Weeks. Maybe even a few more months. But she is dying and soon. This disease is a continuation […]