The day after I published my last post I received a fiery dart disguised as a question via Facebook private messenger from another blogger who ironically markets herself as a “Christian Humor Writer.” This funny lady asked, “How can you say [the child I aborted] mattered when you killed her?” I presume this comedian’s question […]


Click bait. I’m shamelessly admitting that the title, I Do Not Regret My Abortion, is click bait. I’d have much rather entitled this piece, “The Story of Amber Danielle” but nobody would read that. And I want people to read this. I want people to know about Amber and what her short life meant, and […]


In the past few months I’ve been asked if I’m still a believer, and even more importantly: Why? When I’m asked if I’m still a Christian I must admit I feel a little stab of pain. Does my life in fact so poorly reflect my faith? And I guess I must be honest and admit […]


In honor of 2015, I thought I’d host a little bloghop on the topic: “Your Guiding Word for 2015”. If you want to participate all you gotta do is grab the linky code (yes, that’s what it is called) at the bottom of this post, insert it at the bottom of your post in the […]


Lately my Facebook newsfeed has been peppered with an odd assortment of weight loss/miraculous medical cure testimonials along with intriguing invitations to join mysterious “secret groups” where I’ll be let in on the amazing secret behind my friends’ successes. Is Xyngular a Scam? Finding myself curious about this magic solution for everything that ails you, […]


I’ve held my tongue long enough, but I can’ts hold it no more! The Paleo Diet is just plain stupid! Think about it. Supposedly we have these ancestors–not any recent ancestors, mind you–not our subsisting-on-worm-riddled-potatoes-and-whatever-else-they-could-scratch-out-of-the-hard-ground ancestors, or, going a little further back, not our banana-eating-picking-delicious-high-protein-head-lice-out-of-their-friend’s-scalp ancestors–no, not any of those ancestors–we’re talking about our prehistoric, Paleolithic […]


In this past year, a slew of my friends have abandoned their faith in God altogether and come out as atheists. I’ve seen the pattern over and over again so many times that I’m thinking I could knit a sweater of atheism if only I had enough yarn. It usually starts with a personal crisis […]