A few weeks ago  I was contacted by Dr. Phil’s people. According to the person who contacted me they were shopping me to see if I’d be a good candidate for an upcoming show about female urinary incontinence. Not that I’m biased or anything, but I know I would be a great guest on this […]


 “America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.” -Tennessee Williams, Author Thanks to some accumulated United Airlines frequent flier miles, Jeff and I flew off to New Orleans this past February to celebrate Mardi Gras in style. Mardi Gras literally means ‘Fat Tuesday’ in French, but the party starts […]


I’m sending this one out to all my Christian sisters. I can hear you already. “That Chloe!” “She’s leading all the nice Christian women astray! Again.” No, I’m not. I’m here to help a sister (and my brothers in Christ) out. I could just as easily have titled this post, “Why I politely asked God […]


My current employer must have read my last post because I’ve enjoyed ALL of my meal breaks this past week. Hal-la-freaking-luja! Now I might survive these 13 weeks as a traveling nurse, seeing as I’m a living, breathing human being who needs food and water at some point during my twelve and a half hour […]


Have you ever noticed that every once in awhile your entire life goes to shit? Okay, maybe it’s just me. But I don’t think so. I suspect there are others out there just like me. There we are living our seemingly happy little lives when suddenly out of nowhere Zinga! we find ourselves writhing in […]


Today’s post is Part II of this post. It contains cursing and somewhat graphic sex. You’ve been warned. “I have a crush on another man.” My words, hanging there between us, seemed to have suddenly sucked all of the air out of the restaurant. I had played a hand that I couldn’t unplay even if […]


Earlier this year, after 3 years of concerted (and I’m told very enjoyable) effort, it was discovered that my daughter and her husband will most likely never be able to have biological children of their own. This, coupled with a myriad of other serious personal issues, delivered the one-two punch that culminated in this year’s nervous […]


I lost it. Again. After months of effortless self-control, I came unglued over something that wasn’t worth even one second of my precious (and dwindling) life, and now I feel hungover like Bruce Banner after a raging all-nighter as The Hulk. Not that anyone gives a rat’s ass, but it is tough being a Christian […]


Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “S” for Slut. Late last night, exhausted after a frustrating day fiddling with my recipes here on my blog , I finished re-reading The Scarlet Letter. After the steady diet of Mind Twinkies® I’ve been gorging on lately, i.e. Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels, I figured I’d […]


  The first time I wet my pants was right after my son was born. Those ten pounds of bouncing baby boy passing through my tiny lady parts left me joyful, exhausted, and occasionally incontinent of urine. (You can find my son’s birth story here.) Fortunately, I was young and healthy, and I healed. Mostly. As I […]