The other day I was chatting with my friend Steve–may his blog rest in peace–and he suggested that I ought to tighten up my blog and focus on something. We got to talking about things I could focus on and when he found out that I’m a labor and delivery nurse with 20+ experience he mentioned […]


I’m working my way through my thoughts and feelings about BlogHer 2011. I learned a lot. Some things were very affirming, and some of what I heard scared the holy shit out me. In the midst of it, I kept having this single niggling thought: Blogging is obviously BIG BUSINESS, but for whom? For those […]


When I brought my mom here to the Mountain, after she was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, I tried taking her to church with me, but I’m afraid that it didn’t work out so well. For one thing, she was driving me absolutely crazy and I wanted any excuse to get away from her. Second, […]


I unexpectedly suffered a rather painful anxiety attack over yesterday’s post. Thinking about my father never feels good. Somehow, no matter how much therapy I get or how self-actualized I am, I guess I’ll always be the five year old peaking through the crack of my bedroom door into his consuming rage. I suppose my […]