Beauty at Any Age

Back in July, I was contacted by Boombox Network and asked if I would do a review of Theraderm’s Clinical Skincare system with Peptide Hydrator. Since I’d been given a tube of Theraderm’s Anti-Aging Lip Complex at the Aiming Low Non-Conference in Atlanta the year before, and it had rapidly become my favorite lip product, […]


Today’s review comes to you courtesy of Theraderm Skin Renewal System with Peptide Hydrator and BOOMBox Network.  Although I was supplied with the product to review, all opinions expressed in the video, and the following article, are my own. I am very picky about any products I will use on my skin, and even pickier about […]


Today is Day 20 of my Murad® Resurgence 30-Day experience. I received this product to try out at the BOOMBox Network Party in New York City when I attended BlogHer in August. (Click here to see the Before vlog I did 20 days ago.) The main thing I’ve noticed is how smooth my skin is […]


You know me; I rarely review anything. That’s because I’m loathe to give even one inch of my precious space away. I’m pretty sure it comes from the fact that I hate to share. I’m a bad sharer is really what it boils down to. Ask my little sister and she’ll confirm that I’m terrible at […]


For quite some time now,  I’ve wanted to write about the important role Invisalign* played in helping me get my groove back. When I was mommy-ing full-time, I promise you that I didn’t buy 5 1/4″ stilettos; I didn’t spend my afternoons trying on 20 pairs of blue jeans; and I certainly didn’t wile away the hours […]


1. Fingernail gels Every few years some big event comes up in my life, and I think to myself, “Chloe, this is the sort of event where you should have beautiful nails.” Knowing that regular nail polish lasts less than a day on my nails, I research the current great nail thing and think, “Chloe, […]


French women are world famous for their beauty, their elegance, their style, and their innate sensuality.  They are notorious for aging gracefully, and we’re prompted by books and magazines to envy them and attempt, if possible, to try to emulate them. Of course it isn’t possible.  They are French and we are not.  They stay […]


I just finished reading Nora Ephron’s, I Feel Bad About My Neck. Every woman of a certain age to whom I’ve mentioned the book immediately nods and says, “Oh, I know exactly what she means!” I like how Ephron doesn’t call her book, I Don’t Like My Neck, or What the Hell Happened to My […]