Getting ready for a large and important event like BlogHer takes a lot of planning. Unfortunately, sometimes large and important events that I should be planning for freak me out and shut me down. I blame perimenopause and menopause for this. Before 42, I don’t ever remember having all of this anxiety. One day it […]


Parties, parties, parties! I realize this is truly a first world problem that nobody in their right mind would whine about in public, but I am a blogger. Whining out loud about stuff that other people never speak about is part of my job. So here it is. I went to too many parties in […]


If you want to become a professional blogger, attendance at blogging conferences is a must. Not only are blogging conferences where all your best blogging friends are, but nowhere else are you going to find so many brand representatives and PR people gathered in one place. Every now and again I read that it doesn’t […]


I’m leaving on a jet plane for Chicago tomorrow to attend my third (yes, my third!) BlogHer. I attended my first BlogHer in 2011 with my daughter, Rachel. Rachel’s blog, Sandals in the Snow, is currently on hiatus due to her all-consuming job right now of raising my grandbaby. Thankfully she wasn’t too busy though […]


Thank goodness it was fall and not spring when I went to San Francisco. If it had been spring then I might have been compelled to write: “How to Shop for a Woman’s Most Hated Garment: The Swimsuit Edition.” And then you’d be subjected to my stomach in a bathing suit instead of my butt […]


When I was in San Francisco (did I mention I got to meet Martha Stewart?) I thought it would be a good opportunity to… ———– cue the scary music ———– Shop. For. Jeans.   The selection at my local mall is pretty paltry and, besides, I wanted some of those trendy “Skinny Jeans”. ———– cue […]


Let’s face it ladies, nobody is googling, “How to Dress Like an American Woman.” In fact, if you google, “How to Dress Like an American Woman” you’ll mostly get articles on how to dress like a French woman. There’s a reason. French women know how to create a personal style and they know how to rock […]


Some of you have commented in my last post about the shoes I was wearing when I met Gretchen Rubin. They are lovely, aren’t they? Here’s a close-up: Guess Chappel Platform Peep-Toe Pump


Pretty Toes I was reading a friend’s blog yesterday and she gave a great SEO tip that I’m totally stealing today.  I’m not sure if she knew she was giving out a great SEO tip or not, but she sure as shootin’ was. I don’t know if you know what SEO is or not, but it’s […]


For better or for worse.  Here’s what the Huffington Post had to say yesterday. Admit it.  She looks cute. What just amazes me is that this was some sort of surprise in the fashion world. Don’t the fashion gurus go to Paris and look around?  Sheesh.  Makes you wonder how many cosmopolitans these people are […]