For better or for worse.  Here’s what the Huffington Post had to say yesterday. Admit it.  She looks cute. What just amazes me is that this was some sort of surprise in the fashion world. Don’t the fashion gurus go to Paris and look around?  Sheesh.  Makes you wonder how many cosmopolitans these people are […]


Wow. That was fast.  Apparently, all it takes is a stylista like Pippa Middleton to wear it and suddenly what was gross two months ago is redhot fashion today.   Check out the poll results so far on The Look on Today:  Nude Pantyhose, Great or Granny?  


Did Pippa Middleton make a fashion statement or “commit the ultimate pantyhose sin”?  You be the judge. But I told you. You heard it here first: Pantyhose are making a comeback.  Back in April, IN THIS POST, I told you that pantyhose were going to make a big comeback, and soon.  I had no idea how […]


Bonsoir, Mesdames et Messieurs.  After one week in Paris I feel I can confidently come to you with Good News!!!  Our days of hoselessness are almost over!!!  Hallelujai!!!The streets of Paris are filled with chic women wearing everything from opaque black tights to sheer black hose.  They wear these with short skirts and knee-length skirts […]