Aging Well

We all want to age well, and that might mean different things to different people. What does aging well look like, and more importantly, FEEL like to you?

To me aging well means feeling and looking my best and it means being able to do the things I want to do for as long as possible.

Here are the posts I’ve written about aging well.

You know me; I rarely review anything. That’s because I’m loathe to give even one inch of my precious space away. I’m pretty sure it comes from the fact that I hate to share. I’m a bad sharer is really what it boils down to. Ask my little sister and she’ll confirm that I’m terrible at […]


I’ve decided to join a fitness center. On March 28th I had major pelvic floor reconstruction surgery with emphasis on the word “major”. My surgery lasted six hours(!) and my full eight weeks of recovery was so much harder than I expected. Of course, my expectations were that I’d float around in a filmy white […]


For quite some time now,  I’ve wanted to write about the important role Invisalign* played in helping me get my groove back. When I was mommy-ing full-time, I promise you that I didn’t buy 5 1/4″ stilettos; I didn’t spend my afternoons trying on 20 pairs of blue jeans; and I certainly didn’t wile away the hours […]


This year has been unprecedented in its level of crazy. I’ve had both the worst day of my life and the best sex I’ve ever experienced. And that was just January. I’ve had major surgery, minor surgery, and traveled across the country to a blogging convention where I had a nervous breakdown. That was February. […]


No. I’m not fine. There is nothing currently fine about me. I’m bugshit crazy beyond any bugshit crazy I’ve ever been in my life–and that’s saying something. In the words of that Great Philosopher, Mick Jagger, (who I find myself quoting a lot lately, which just shows how bad my mental health really is), “Here […]


The Bible says that one of the first things God did after He created the world was separate light from darkness. I realize that yesterday’s post was cryptic and leaves a lot to my readers’ imaginations. And that’s how it will just have to stay because bloggers must have boundaries lest they become crazy attention-seeking […]


For those just tuning in, I’m a labor and delivery nurse. Since fertility, like death, never takes a holiday, yesterday–on Christmas Day–I had to work 12.5 hours at the hospital. If people would just read my daughter’s gut-wrenching account of what it is like to have a Christmas birthday nobody would knowingly do this to their child. […]


It is the weekend before Christmas and I have no time to write today,  just as you have no time to read anything I have to say. I haven’t written anything for four days because I don’t have anything uplifting to say. And it is YOUR Christmas, too, after all. So please be warned. Abandon […]


1. Fingernail gels Every few years some big event comes up in my life, and I think to myself, “Chloe, this is the sort of event where you should have beautiful nails.” Knowing that regular nail polish lasts less than a day on my nails, I research the current great nail thing and think, “Chloe, […]


On Thanksgiving last year my mother was dying. We didn’t know it, but as we sat there scarfing down turkey and gravy she had exactly 29 days left to live. It was a terrible time. I’m thinking about her a lot these days as we approach the first anniversary of her death. She loved Thanksgiving […]