Health and Wellness

There’s no doubt in my mind that the quality of our lives as we age is dependent on how healthy and well we feel, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

There you are. I knew I’d find you here. Waiting for me. Like you know I could never stay away. I don’t want to come here, you know. I never do. I don’t want to need you this badly. But I do. No more excuses. I am here. And so are you. The war that […]


I’ve decided to join a fitness center. On March 28th I had major pelvic floor reconstruction surgery with emphasis on the word “major”. My surgery lasted six hours(!) and my full eight weeks of recovery was so much harder than I expected. Of course, my expectations were that I’d float around in a filmy white […]


So this is the post where I am going to talk crazy talk about my dream life. Lately, I have been dreaming a lot. Like A LOT. Terrifying dreams of drowning, suffocating, running, hiding. Nightmares punctuated by panic and terror. Dreams about my children, my son-in-law, my husband, my parents, work, even my blog isn’t […]


For those just tuning in, I’m a labor and delivery nurse. Since fertility, like death, never takes a holiday, yesterday–on Christmas Day–I had to work 12.5 hours at the hospital. If people would just read my daughter’s gut-wrenching account of what it is like to have a Christmas birthday nobody would knowingly do this to their child. […]


I’m going to turn 50. Soon And, not to be melodramatic or anything, but, if genetics have anything to do with it, sometime after that, at some indeterminate point in the future, I am going to wither away from some horrible disease and then I’m going to die.  I’m just thrilled. Can’t you tell? I […]

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French women are world famous for their beauty, their elegance, their style, and their innate sensuality.  They are notorious for aging gracefully, and we’re prompted by books and magazines to envy them and attempt, if possible, to try to emulate them. Of course it isn’t possible.  They are French and we are not.  They stay […]


Strength training! Can I say it any louder? STRENGTH TRAINING? If you want your body to bend to your will then you gotta think strength training. I’m knee-deep in it right now, but I don’t want to leave anyone hanging. I ran across this article today: I highly recommend everyone read it. Especially pay […]


The first time ever I took a picture of my butt and put it up on the internet. I hated PE.I was always the smallish, self-consciously uncoordinated, weak girl, as opposed to the smallest spry girl who could always do a gajillion pull-ups that every class seems to have.Always picked next to the last for […]


As I work my way through the book, The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin, and try to develop my own Happiness Project, I’m running headlong into one of my worst self-defeating obstacles, my indecision. For example, several years ago I bought this beautiful, large area rug that I simply loved. The size was perfect and […]


Once you’ve let your groove go for, say, several years, it just isn’t that easy to get back, I’m afraid. Maybe if we women realized how hard it is to reclaim our groove once lost then we wouldn’t be so quick to let it go. But I know, in the consuming season of vigilant motherhood, […]