Women in Midlife

Aging gracefully? Give me a break! Can’t we just do one single thing as women without being graded on our performance??

Here I hold nothing back as I share everything I’ve learned so far about being a woman of a certain age.

Sex, love, marriage, infidelity, midlife crisis (his and yours), vaginal health, overall health and wellness, fashion, beauty, and what the hell are we supposed to do with those ungrateful kids and our annoying parents anyway, are covered here.

I’M BEGINNING TO WONDER if life really does go faster when you get older. I keep meaning to sit down and write, but there never is any time. So I thought I’d put together a synopsis of my last six months and call it: Ten major things that have happened in my life since October. […]


Have you ever noticed that every once in awhile your entire life goes to shit? Okay, maybe it’s just me. But I don’t think so. I suspect there are others out there just like me. There we are living our seemingly happy little lives when suddenly out of nowhere Zinga! we find ourselves writhing in […]


Back in July, I was contacted by Boombox Network and asked if I would do a review of Theraderm’s Clinical Skincare system with Peptide Hydrator. Since I’d been given a tube of Theraderm’s Anti-Aging Lip Complex at the Aiming Low Non-Conference in Atlanta the year before, and it had rapidly become my favorite lip product, […]


When it came to female problems my mother was a stoic. According to her, she never suffered from either a period cramp when she was a young woman, or a hot flash during menopause. And, truth be told, my mother looked down her nose at women who did. My mother’s approach to female problems was […]


Getting ready for a large and important event like BlogHer takes a lot of planning. Unfortunately, sometimes large and important events that I should be planning for freak me out and shut me down. I blame perimenopause and menopause for this. Before 42, I don’t ever remember having all of this anxiety. One day it […]


Parties, parties, parties! I realize this is truly a first world problem that nobody in their right mind would whine about in public, but I am a blogger. Whining out loud about stuff that other people never speak about is part of my job. So here it is. I went to too many parties in […]


If you want to become a professional blogger, attendance at blogging conferences is a must. Not only are blogging conferences where all your best blogging friends are, but nowhere else are you going to find so many brand representatives and PR people gathered in one place. Every now and again I read that it doesn’t […]


Today’s review comes to you courtesy of Theraderm Skin Renewal System with Peptide Hydrator and BOOMBox Network.  Although I was supplied with the product to review, all opinions expressed in the video, and the following article, are my own. I am very picky about any products I will use on my skin, and even pickier about […]


I’m leaving on a jet plane for Chicago tomorrow to attend my third (yes, my third!) BlogHer. I attended my first BlogHer in 2011 with my daughter, Rachel. Rachel’s blog, Sandals in the Snow, is currently on hiatus due to her all-consuming job right now of raising my grandbaby. Thankfully she wasn’t too busy though […]


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pompeian Olive Oil.  One of the biggest challenges I’ve found about having an empty nest is relearning how to cook for two all over again. For awhile I kept buying and cooking the way I always had, but we ended up with a lot […]