Adult Kids

This was first published on September 10, 2008. Since I’m on a scenic tour of the great State of Humility right now I thought I would share some of the sights I’m encountering along the way. Deciding to homeschool is one of the most rebellious, terrifying (it damn well should terrify you), and prideful decisions […]


We were very honored that our son wanted to spend his 21st birthday with us, his parents. I sure didn’t want to spend my 21st birthday with my parents. So it was with much pleasure and pride that we all went out to the karaoke bar for Wolfie’s birthday, per his request. Rachel and The […]


Last night we tore it up at the local Karaoke Bar for Wolfie’s 21st birthday. I can tell you one thing, I didn’t spend my 21st birthday with my parents. Maybe we did do something right. A great time was had by all.


I’ve been thinking about different ways to make a creative “About Me” page and made this little video. The picture of my mom makes me cry. I miss her. I put a smaller version in the sidebar, but you can also find it here.


Seeing as I’m walking down memory lane and all and thinking about 2009, I started thinking about my son and  reflecting on just how freaky talented he is. This is a (very bad) recording of the song he did for the finale at his high school graduation.  I wish the quality were a bit better, […]



As I posted yesterday, my daughter has been writing her version of her courtship to The Hunter.  It is poignant to read her thoughts and feelings and remember how that time felt. Susan posted on Facebook today that she watched Father of the Bride last night and how it had brought her to sobs thinking […]


My daughter, the lovely Princess Sweetie Pea, is writing about her courtship with her beloved Hunter, so today I shall turn my blog over to her. Another Suitor for the Princess


Sandals in the Snow How’s this for an endorsement?  I sure do love this little girlie of mine.


This post first appeared on April 8, 2009. So, yeah, my son up and left today to hop a bus (with a ticket) to San Francisco with $100 dollars in his pocket and his guitar and I guess some clothes. Sadly, he happens to know several young people who will happily enable him for at […]