Sex and the Midlife Girl (and Guy)

Sex is something that only living people do. And when you stop having sex (even with yourself) you have sent nature one of its clearest signals that you are on the road to dead.

But sex does inevitably change with age. Parts may not work the same, and you and your partner might be finding that the goals of sex that once served your relationship may have changed, too.

This is not the time for despair. Midlife presents a great opportunity for sexual exploration and awakening, especially for women who now find themselves freed up from the confines of reproduction and hormonal cycling.

Here are the posts I’ve written in a frank way about the changes that have occurred in my own sex life after a long marriage, and how my husband and I keep our erotic selves alive after 27 years of marriage.

Your mileage may vary, but I hope you and your partner, if you have one, have not decided yet to park the car.

“So how about that vaginal moisturizer review, huh? Where the hell is it, Chloe? You promised us a review of our product if we sent you a 10-day sample, and so far you’ve given us bupkis.“* All true. As a product-reviewer I suck. But Hyalo GYN®, the product I was given to review, doesn’t suck. […]


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When I was in my 20s I thought I’d be done having sex by now. It wasn’t that I necessarily knew I wouldn’t want sex anymore, but the thought that any man would want to have sex with Old-Lady Chloe was unthinkable. I learned at an early age that young women are sexy, and old […]


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Welcome to the part of the show where I share wisdom I’ve gleaned from my vast wealth of experience as I wing my way towards the long dirt nap. Today’s question comes from a loyal reader from North Dakota. She asks: Dear Chloe, I’ve been married for almost 23 years and I feel like my marriage is […]


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A woman’s life is a cyclical thing. As the moon orbits the earth, exerting its pull on even the mighty oceans, our own cycles ebb and flow along with the tides. And then there are the seasons: Maiden, Mother, Crone. Except that now, thanks to science, that middle time between Mother and Crone–that I call […]