Since I’ve been back from Haiti I’ve been asked over and over again by friends and family, “What is the best way we can help the people of Haiti?” This is an excellent question without just one answer. I think this question reflects both the generous nature of Americans, but also our concern that our […]


The reason I went to Haiti in the first place was not to take snapshots of the countryside, or ponder the possible racial root causes of poverty there, but to serve as an RN with Midwives for Haiti. According to the Midwives for Haiti website: “Midwives For Haiti offers education and training in prenatal care and skilled […]


“There was a beauty in the trash of the alleys which I had never noticed before; my vision seemed sharpened, rather than impaired. As I walked along it seemed to me that the flattened beer cans and papers and weeds and junk mail had been arranged by the wind into patterns; these patterns, when I […]


All throughout the drive through Haiti’s capitol of Port-au-Prince, and the long trek up the windy mountain road to the city of Hinche, the only white faces I saw were the other three women sitting inside the cage in the back of the pink jeep with me. In fact, the only other white faces I ever […]


When you catch your first glimpse of Haiti from the air it appears in the distance as a benign emerald island crowned with clouds and surrounded by a deep blue sea. You think for a moment that maybe everything you’ve heard about Haiti has been nothing more than an over-exaggeration. The first hint you get […]


This post is inspired by Shot@Life, an initiative of the United Nations Foundation. To learn how you can make a difference in the world without even having to get up out of your chair, go to the end of this article. Yesterday I went to my doctor to begin getting all the vaccinations I’ll need for my upcoming […]


When I joined Twitter the first celebrity (okay, maybe the only celebrity) who followed me was Christy Turlington. Ms. Turlington is also the first celebrity (okay, maybe the only celebrity) to retweet me. It probably isn’t obvious at first glance what in the world Christy Turlington and I could possibly have in common. But what […]