Months before we went to Paris, my husband had an exquisitely romantic notion and made reservations for us at Le Jules Verne, the fine-dining restaurant located on the second tier of the Eiffel Tower.  This just also happens to be the very place where Tom Cruse proposed to Katie Holmes. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m no […]


French women are world famous for their beauty, their elegance, their style, and their innate sensuality.  They are notorious for aging gracefully, and we’re prompted by books and magazines to envy them and attempt, if possible, to try to emulate them. Of course it isn’t possible.  They are French and we are not.  They stay […]


Yeah, I know.  I already posted this picture the day we took it from our bed in Paris, but it’s worth posting again. Did I mention that we loved Paris?  Well, we did.  What a great city.  Parisians are often internationally derided for their brusque civic pride (commonly referred to as “rudeness”, although we never […]


I have a million and one wonderful things to write about our recent trip to Paris/London, except that none of those things apparently wants to come willingly out of the tips of my fingers and onto this keyboard. Can you say “Writer’s Block”? I knew that you could. On top of this writer’s block, I’ve had the worst, […]


Moments that mean something are not meant to last forever.  This trip has brought some surprises along with the expected warm familiarity between two people who’ve been together 25 years.  Paris will always hold a special please in our hearts.


Bonjour!  So many pictures and a great story from last night’s gastronomique escapades.  It’ll have to wait.  We have sights to see and more food to eat.


If life were perfect then every day would start out like this. Last night we went on a river dinner cruise with Bateaux-Mouches up and down the Seine (who wouldn’t want to take a night cruise on the Seine with this charming fellow? It was marvelous.  Pricey?  Yeah.  But the food was decent, the dessert was […]


  Good Morning, Paris.  Our room might be tiny, but the view is epic.


It is always my goal to travel with carry-on only if at all possible.  Sadly, rainy weather ruins the plan for this trip.  My poor husband will now be lugging my huge check-in bag up a 5th walk-up.  I was lamenting on how sad this was when he said, “What do you care?  You’re not […]


Due to short-staffing issues in both of our departments at work both Tick and I have been pulling down extra-shift upon extra-shift at work (I’m an RN and he’s a Respiratory Therapist).  It is nice to have the extra spending money for our upcoming vacation, but our house is a mess and we’re both still unpacked.  Yikes!  And I just […]