You’re Kidding Me, Right?

This is my Op-Ed Category. Herein lies all the posts I’ve written about stuff that baffles me or totally pisses me off.

Crazy MLM diet schemes? Yep. Crazy diets based on myths about our Cavemen ancestors? Yep. Those posts are here. Along with lots of posts about all the religious abuse and nonsense I’ve endured at the hands of well-meaning people and morons while wholeheartedly searching for a God big enough to handle all my rage at the injustice in this world and in my own personal life.

Love them or not, these posts are my most widely read and shared. These are the posts that bring me new readers through the Search Engines. These posts are the foundation of my blog and keep reminding me that my little corner of the internet serves a purpose in this world.

Some of these posts are funny, and some of them are angry, but all them of meant something important to me at the time I wrote them. I hope they might mean something to you, too.

Warning: There be Spoilers here, and as a long-time reader of the Outlander book series I’m also going to engage in some cross-comparison between the book and this episode. Outlander Season Finale. Finally, Everything Wentworth Prison. I just finished watching the Starz Season Finale of Outlander, To Ransom a Man’s Soul, because my dearest husband in the […]


We’ve all see it by now, the glorious pictures of the beautiful, dare I say radiant, Duchess of Cambridge standing on the steps of the hospital next to her beaming husband, the future King of England, a mere few hours after giving birth to the angelic Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Kate, markedly unlike most of […]


Since I’ve been home from Haiti, I’ve been on a Dexter binge. It’s weird that I like this show so much because I’m definitely not the sort of girl who normally enjoys morally ambiguous tales about serial killers. I don’t even watch CSI, for cripes’ sake. (Okay, I’ll admit I’ve seen the episode about the […]


I lost it. Again. After months of effortless self-control, I came unglued over something that wasn’t worth even one second of my precious (and dwindling) life, and now I feel hungover like Bruce Banner after a raging all-nighter as The Hulk. Not that anyone gives a rat’s ass, but it is tough being a Christian […]


Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “S” for Slut. Late last night, exhausted after a frustrating day fiddling with my recipes here on my blog , I finished re-reading The Scarlet Letter. After the steady diet of Mind Twinkies® I’ve been gorging on lately, i.e. Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels, I figured I’d […]


It is the weekend before Christmas and I have no time to write today,  just as you have no time to read anything I have to say. I haven’t written anything for four days because I don’t have anything uplifting to say. And it is YOUR Christmas, too, after all. So please be warned. Abandon […]


The subject of today’s tirade is Mariah Carey. Ms. Carey claims in the November 9th issue of US Magazine that her magnificent new body is a result of her “easy day-by-day plan that you can do” (emphasis mine). I call, “Bullshit.” Her plan is for-sure easy, but you and I can’t do it unless we’ve […]


Here at The Chloe Chronicles, we  never shy away from the hard-hitting issues facing women today. Birth, Death, Capris? We take it all on as we courageously grapple with the tough, controversial subjects that we know are keeping you, our kind readers, awake at night. Today we’re going to fearlessly look at the biggest slut-toy, and […]


(WARNING: This post contains Spoilers for Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series) Dear Diana, I admit it, you had me at Sassenach. You’ve given us one of the greatest romantic heroes in the history of all romantic heroes: Jamie Fraser. And for him I shall always be grateful to you. Any woman with blood flowing in her veins cannot […]


When I brought my mom here to the Mountain, after she was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, I tried taking her to church with me, but I’m afraid that it didn’t work out so well. For one thing, she was driving me absolutely crazy and I wanted any excuse to get away from her. Second, […]