You Are Invited to a FLOR Design and Wine Event in San Francisco

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This time next year we hope to break ground on our new house. A couple of days ago I stopped by our land before heading back to The City for this video to help remind me why I’m working so hard.

Sometimes I watch this little minute of heaven while on my break at work because it’s easy to forget why it is I’m working extra-long shifts hours away from my husband and my grandbabies.

I also have a really cute one of my one of my little grandsons playing in the rain that helps keep me grounded, but I don’t have permission to share that one. Trust me, it’s pure joy.

According to my son-in-law, the engineer, it would benefit us greatly if we could get our design plans in and approved before the end of this year. Suddenly we’re thrust into having to make all sorts of design decisions we thought we’d have a year to think about.

One thing we know for sure is we’re installing solar. Neither of us particularly loves the look of solar panels on the roof, but on this house, sustainability will trump aesthetics, when necessary. This house has to last us for the rest of a lifetime.

One decision we do have some time to make is what to do about flooring. While I’m certain we’ll put hardwood throughout most of the house, living in the mountains, where it does get very cold, I know we’ll want some sort of rugs and carpeting. But the big problem with rugs and carpeting is wear and tear and stains. It doesn’t quite seem fair that one tiny stain can ruin an 8×10′ carpet. Rugs and carpet are expensive!

Thankfully, there is a product out there that combines both sustainability with good looks and that is FLOR. I have always been fascinated by the concept of FLOR.

From unique patterns you can create yourself…



“Turkish Timber”

…to powerful geometrical designs that fit any space…


“Made You Look”

It seems like a no-brainer to have soft floor-coverings that can have portions easily replaced if they get damaged or stained.


“Antique Minx”

On June 19, at 5pm, The FLOR design store in San Francisco on 2226 Bush Street will be hosting a design event called the #FLORDesignChallenge2015 and you are invited! I know I’ll be there.


For the competition, FLOR will have more than 400 sample tiles available for consumers to work with to design their own unique entry using 30 sample-sized carpet tiles for a chance to win an 8×10″ carpet of their very own.

I hope to see you there!

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