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Today’s review comes to you courtesy of Theraderm Skin Renewal System with Peptide Hydrator and BOOMBox Network.  Although I was supplied with the product to review, all opinions expressed in the video, and the following article, are my own. I am very picky about any products I will use on my skin, and even pickier about products I’m willing to recommend to my readers. I figure you only get one face, so you should take the very best care of it you can.



For me, aging well isn’t looking like I’m 20; it’s having my outsides reflect how I feel on the inside, which is why skin care is very important to me. Prevention is worth a pound of Botox.

For years, I purchased many of my own skincare products from my doctor’s office, so I was a little skeptical when I was given a sample of Theraderm anti-aging lip complex at the Aiming Low Non-Conference I attended last fall. But very quickly I fell in love. Without a doubt it is the best lip repair product I’ve ever used. So when BoomBox Network approached me to try out the entire Theraderm Skin Reneweal System I jumped at the chance.

Theraderm was developed by plastic surgeon, Dr. James Beckman. Dr. Beckman believes that the steps to restoring aging skin are three-fold. First, gently clean and remove damaged skin cells. Second, repair and restore balance to the skin matrix. And finally, prevent further damage.

Theraderm used to be available only from your doctor, but today you can purchase Theraderm directly from their website., or even Amazon (affiliate link).

The Theraderm Skin Renewal System consists of four parts:

  • Step 1 is the Cleansing Wash to gently cleanse your skin.
  • Step 2 is the Fruit Acid Exfoliant that removes dead and damaged cells without irritation.
  • Step 3 is the OPC Reparative Gel that helps repair damaged skin cells
  • Step 4 is the Peptide Hydrator to deeply moisturize and prevent further skin damage due to dryness.

I was a little concerned that four things to do twice a day would be too much, but each step is very quick and easy. And my skin feels so terrific that I’ve stayed motivated to keep it up.

Thank you BOOMBox Network for this opportunity to try out this amazing product. I highly recommend the Theraderm Skin Renewal System with Peptide Hydrator to my readers.


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