I started taking a spin class

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I’ve decided to join a fitness center.

On March 28th I had major pelvic floor reconstruction surgery with emphasis on the word “major”.

My surgery lasted six hours(!) and my full eight weeks of recovery was so much harder than I expected.

Of course, my expectations were that I’d float around in a filmy white nightie for a week, and then spend the next seven weeks tackling various household projects.

ha. ha.

I couldn’t sit upright for more than an hour for the first five weeks, and after that it wasn’t much better.

Trust me.

Nothing. Not. one. damn. thing. got. done.

Anyway, it’s been difficult to get back into the routine of working out again.

Even now, I don’t feel very energetic, and I lack the motivation I had before my surgery. It’s just hard to get moving again after months of being sedentary.

I can tell I’ve lost quite a bit of muscle mass because my clothes don’t fit the way they did prior to surgery. Loss of muscle mass is a serious issue for women as we get older.

Muscle mass is the furnace that keeps our metabolic engine running at optimal capacity. Plus, our muscles are what keep us from falling down and breaking a hip.

Breaking a hip is not good.

24% of people who break a hip after age 50 will die within 12 months! Die, as in dead.

Note to self: Don’t break your hip.

I can’t overemphasize how important maintaining muscle mass is as you age. We need good muscle mass to maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle.

I decided I needed to join the gym to help jump-start my new fitness routine. So every night I’d go to bed with fantasies of getting up early and heading out the gym where I’d look a lot like these people:


But each and every morning the voices in my head would start up with their cacophony of lame ass excuses:

“I’m tired.”

“I have to work all day.”

“It’s hot.

and dozens of other whineisms that all culminated with me doing absolutely nothing.

Bedtime would would roll around, and as I was falling asleep I’d vow to myself:

“I’ll work-out tomorrow.”

Morning after morning this went on. But finally I did it. I made it to the gym to my very first spin class ever.

Here’s my before video:

I wanted to vlog live from spin class, BUT (1) I knew several people in the class and I thought it would look very strange if I showed up for my very first spin class and started video-taping myself, and (2) I had to hold onto that bike for dear life with both hands.

But here’s an incredibly bad picture of what I looked like–right before mounting the spin bike–just in case you think that while I’m at the gym I look even remotely like my fantasy picture:

I also want to point out a little reminder that I had pelvic floor surgery, a fact that rapidly came back to my remembrance once I started peddling, and made me think that maybe spin class–where you sit on a hard bicycle seat for an hour–wasn’t the best choice.

But I made it.

Here’s me after:


Are you a procrastinator like me? Is there something you know you should be doing for yourself, but you aren’t?

Tell me I’m not alone.

By the way, my new blinged out water bottle that I LOVE is from NDY Not Done Yet. You can find it here at http://www.ndynotdoneyet.com/index.asp

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