How to Talk to Your Gynecologist

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Have you ever walked out of your gynecologist’s office feeling like you didn’t get your questions answered? Are you not even sure what questions you should be asking? Would you like to break up with your doctor, but don’t know how?

You are not alone! Many women feel this way.

Earlier this month, while attending one of her events in San Diego, I struck up a conversation with menopause awareness expert, and author of the book, Schmirsky: The Pursuit of Hormone Happiness, Ellen Dolgen. Together we lamented the poor care and lack of information many woman are currently receiving from their gynecologists. I told her that even as an RN with over 20 years of experience in women’s health I sometimes feel intimidated or had trouble getting my concerns taken seriously by my gynecologist.

A few days later I got a copy of Ellen’s book and couldn’t put it down. She was saying so many of the things I’d had to learn the hard way through trial and error. I contacted Ellen and asked her if she’d come on my show, Coffee with Chloe, so we could take our private discussion and bring it live to you! I was thrilled when she said yes. The recording of that show is at the end of this post.

Many women are living needlessly with pain, urinary incontinence, sexual dissatisfaction, vaginal or pelvic pain, and other troubling symptoms that are negatively affecting their lives. Many women don’t know whether what is happening to them is normal or not, or whether there are safe treatments out there that could help them.

It also could be that the doctor your seeing isn’t the right doctor for you!

On our show we talked about:

  • How to find a gynecologist (Yes, even if you have an HMO you have choice!)
  • How to interview gynecologists (Yes, you get to interview them.)
  • How to break up with your gynecologist (Yes, you’re allowed to change doctors!)
  • How to get your questions answered (Hint: It helps to know what to ask.)
  • What you absolutely MUST do before agreeing to any gynecological surgery (And what to do if your doctor says you don’t need to do that.)
  • Do you have to live with urinary incontinence or chronic constipation?
  • Do you know what a “Urogynecologist” is and when that might be the right doctor for you?

Check it out!

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