Think our Hooking-Up Culture Isn’t Affecting You?

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A woman’s life is a cyclical thing.

As the moon orbits the earth, exerting its pull on even the mighty oceans, our own cycles ebb and flow along with the tides. And then there are the seasons: Maiden, Mother, Crone. Except that now, thanks to science, that middle time between Mother and Crone–that I call for myself the season of the Brazen Woman–has been extended far beyond what our female ancestors ever imagined possible.

As a maiden, my main concern was mating up. Finding the right mate to raise a family is a such a HUGE responsibility for a woman, and frankly one that more and more women are not taking very seriously until it is too late, and then not even then.  It seems that women have lost their way, screwing any worthless guy who walks by and gives them the least little bit of attention.

Now before you dismiss my last statement because you think I’m some sort of Sarah Palinesque Conservative Republican Christian (which I’m not) let me qualify my statement by saying that I’m a Labor and Delivery RN and therefore an authority. I’m at Breeding Ground Zero.

And I will tell you with absolute authority that more women are having VOLUNTARY sex with more worthless guys than has ever happened in the history of ever. (I added the “VOLUNTARY” because men do have a long and sordid history of rape and shit like that, and women can’t really be held responsible if they don’t have a choice.)

Today, more men–who would never get laid in a sane society where women took such things as the future of their potential children seriously–are getting laid in droves, and with very little accountability. I’m telling you that I’m seeing men–who apparently are getting laid FOR FREE–who would have had a hard time finding someone who would do it for MONEY years ago.

We have raised a veritable generation of worthless pieces of shit men. They know they are going to get all the free sex they ever want, anytime they want, and they have to do next to nothing to get it.

And even worse, the women are FIGHTING–a la Jerry Springer–over these worthless pieces of shit. I’ve seen it firsthand. It is happening and it is happening more than you might think.

The last time I was a youth counselor for Christian Youth Camp I spent my entire evening “Tent Time” with the girls listening to them cry and fight over boys that weren’t giving them ANYTHING.  The boys weren’t doing ANYTHING.  The girls were getting up at 4AM to fight over the showers so they could get ready for a day of high competition over boys who didn’t seem even the least bit interested. It was eye-opening and appalling.

In my early years as a homeschool mom, many families were going Anti-Dating. Dating, we were warned, was the precursor to the Divorce Culture because dating and breaking up were really just little practice divorces. The idea was that if you forbid your kids from dating you were preventing future divorce.

Only because I was working at Breeding Ground Zero (the labor room) AND kept my hand in the cookie jar of Youth Ministry did I see what was really happening. And I put out a warning then on the homeschool forums: DATING IS DEAD! COUNT YOURSELF LUCKY IF YOUR CHILD DATES!”

Dating wasn’t the enemy–dating was dying–and today, nobody dates. (Well, almost nobody.)

We live in a culture of “Hooking up” where predatory women compete for the few worthwhile men left.

And if you are so naive that you don’t think that culture is affecting you, then you need to wake the hell up.

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