All You Need To Know About What Is Satchel Bag (Types & Uses)

A satchel bag is a type of handbag with a strap that goes over the shoulder.

Moreover, it is typically made out of leather or canvas.

Originally, the word “satchel” comes from the Old French word for “bag”, which in turn comes from the Latin word for “package”.

Therefore, a satchel bag is a type of bag that is generally used for carrying books or other items and it usually has a strap or handle, and may also have a shoulder strap.

Some satchel bags also have a flap that covers the top of the bag, which helps to keep the contents inside secure.

What is a Handbag (For Different Nations Around the World)

A handbag also called a purse in North American English, is a handled medium-to-large bag that is often fashionably designed, typically used by women, to hold personal items such as a wallet/coins, keys, cosmetics, a hairbrush, mobile phone, etc.

In Britain, it is more common for men to refer to their bags as man-bags or “Murses”. South African English commonly uses the term “kit” when referring to a handbag.

Indian English often uses the term “Potli” while Pakistani English uses the term “Jhola”. The oldest known purse dates back more than 5000 years and was found with Otzi the Iceman.

Men once carried coin pouches, in early Modern Europe, when women’s fashions moved in the direction of using small ornamental purses which would be hidden under clothing (thus eliminating the need for men to carry large wallets), men’s fashions were moving in another direction.

The word “Purse” originally referred to a small bag for holding coins.

In many European languages (including English), this derives from Middle English burs (“Purse”), which derives from Anglo-Norman bourse (“exchange”), itself derived from Late Latin bursa (“hide”), cognate with Greek βόρσα (“leather hide”) and Persian برکه‎‎ (bürke).

The Dutch also use this word: buidel or beutel; Flemish buil; Scandinavian bulle. In modern German usage die Börse refers specifically to stock exchanges and investment banks; however das Büro can mean office generally.

A money bag is called Beutel (literally “bag”). Historically it was denoted by four loops hanging down from each corner of an open mesh pouch—this type of bag was worn slung over one shoulder with two loops at the front attaching it across the chest or hung from a belt around the waist.

Old French had bourse (also a source of contemporary French ébouriffé meaning “ruffled,” as on stocks) and later British colonials brought back the word purse from Down Under.

Different Types of Satchel Bags

01. Hobo Bag

A hobo bag is a large, slouchy purse that hangs from the shoulder.

It is typically made of soft materials such as leather or fabric and has a casual, relaxed style.

Hobo bags are often used as everyday purses or travel bags, as they are spacious and easy to carry.

02. Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag is a type of bag that is worn over the shoulder. Shoulder bags are often used to carry everyday items such as wallets, keys, and phones.

Some shoulder bags are also designed for specific purposes such as travel or work.

03. Messenger Bag

A messenger bag is a type of bag that is worn over one shoulder and across the body.

Messenger bags are often used by cyclists, as they allow easy access to the contents while riding.

However, messenger bags are also popular as everyday bags for both men and women.

There are many different styles of messenger bags, from small and casual to large and formal.

And within those categories, there is a wide range of prices.

You can find a basic messenger bag for under $50, or you could spend several hundred dollars on a designer version.

When choosing a messenger bag, it’s important to consider what you’ll be using it for.

If you’re looking for an everyday bag to carry your laptop and other essentials, then you’ll want something larger than if you’re just using it for cycling or running errands.

And if you plan on carrying heavier items like textbooks or electronics, then look for a bag with padded straps and/or an adjustable strap length.

Satchel Bag for Men

There are many different types of satchel bags for men to choose from. The most popular style is the messenger bag.

These bags are perfect for carrying around your laptop, books, and other necessary items.

They are also great for travel as they can be easily packed away into a suitcase or backpack.

Other popular styles include the briefcase and the laptop bag. These bags are perfect for those who need to carry around a lot of equipment with them on a daily basis.


What is the Difference between Tote And Satchel Bag?

Tote bags are often thought of as being more casual, while satchels are considered more formal.

Totes usually have an open top and two handles, while satchels typically have a flap or zipper closure and a single strap.

Totes tend to be larger and roomier than satchels, making them ideal for carrying items like beach towels or extra clothing.

Satchels, on the other hand, are typically smaller and more structured, making them better suited for carrying items like books or laptops.

Is a Satchel a Handbag?

A satchel is a bag, often with a strap, that is used for carrying books and other items. It typically has one or two compartments.

While the term “satchel” can be used interchangeably with “handbag,” there are some notable differences between the two.

For starters, handbags are generally smaller than satchels and have shorter straps.

They also tend to be more fashion-forward, while satchels are more functional.

Satchels often have a boxier shape and may include additional pockets and compartments beyond the main compartment.

So, while all satchels could technically be considered handbags, not all handbags would necessarily be classified as satchels.

It really depends on the individual bag’s size, shape, and style.

What is the Difference between a Satchel And a Handbag?

When it comes to handbags, there are many different styles to choose from. But what is the difference between a satchel and a handbag?

A satchel is a bag with a rectangular shape and two straps that go over the shoulder. Satchels are often made of leather or canvas and have a flap closure.

They are roomy enough to fit textbooks, laptops, and other essentials, making them ideal for students or busy professionals.

A handbag, on the other hand, is typically smaller in size and has one strap that goes over the shoulder.

Handbags come in many different styles, such as clutches, crossbody bags, totes, and hobos. They can be made from materials like leather, fabric, or even straw.

And while some handbags have a flap closure like satchels, others close with a zipper or snap.

What Does Satchel Purse Mean?

A satchel purse is a type of handbag that has a rectangular shape and two handles. It is typically made of leather or canvas and has a flap closure.

The word “satchel” comes from the old French word sachel, which means “bag.”

Satchel purses are often used by schoolchildren to carry their books and other supplies, but they can also be stylish accessories for adults.

Some women use them as diaper bags or work bags because of their spacious interiors and durability.


A satchel bag is a type of handbag with a long strap that is worn over the shoulder.

The bag is typically made from leather or canvas and has a flap closure.

Satchel bags are often used by students to carry textbooks and other school supplies.


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